We've been revamping Homeland's Moonfall mechanic and wanted to share our current vision with you, based on the rounds of feedback we've gathered. If everything goes according to plan, we would release this update before the end of May and remove Moonbeam at the same time.

Before we jump in, here’s what we’ve been hearing from our community:

The current Moonfall mechanic is too random and not fun. Players would like to see specific events or actions tied to Moonfall, and categorized activities that relate to Moonfall.

With that in mind, let’s explore our planned updates:

Homeland Quest.png

New Moonfall System

We envision tying Moonfall to a quest system.

Complete daily Moonfall Quests → Have a chance to receive a Moonfall Ticket → Claim Rewards the next day if selected

Here’s how those mechanics work:

Quest Mechanics in the New Moonfall

Every day, each plot would get a set of 12 quests. Each quest would have its own difficulty level and set of tasks. Players would also have the option to re-roll and switch up the quests. To start, we would grant 5 free re-rolls. After that, players could purchase a re-roll for 10 Ancient Coins. Players could also do multiple quests at the same time if they have similar objectives.

Here’s an example of what those quests might look like:

| # of Daily Quests | Difficulty | Base Chance of Receiving Moonfall Tickets | Chance Multiplier (depending on each task) | Examples | | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | | 4 | Easy Quests | 0.1% Special Ticket, 0.75% Premium Ticket, 1.5% Common Ticket | Up to 2x | - Gather [X] amount of materials

Etc | | 4 | Hard Quests | 0.1% Special Ticket, 0.75% Premium Ticket, 1.5% Common Ticket | Up to 12x | - Gather [X] Woods (5x multiplier)

Etc | | 4 | Rare Quests

| 0.1% Special Ticket, 0.5% Premium Ticket, 2% Common Ticket | Up to 11x | - Gather [X] Legendary+ Materials (6.3x multiplier)

Etc |

Note : The base chance stipulated above is not a fixed rate and we will constantly monitor and update through special events.

Additionally, hard quests requiring materials from higher Atia's level or building level blueprint will offer an increased chance to obtain a ticket.

Good news, rarer plots will have additional chance of receiving Moonfall tickets :

Plot Type Chance Increase
Savannah -
Forest 10%
Arctic 20%
Mystic 30%
Genesis 50%

After a player completes a quest, they will have a chance to receive Moonfall tickets and be included in the Moonfall prize draw, which is worth a certain amount of AXS in Ancient Coins. Here is how we envision that breakdown :

🥇 Extra Special Prizes – each worth 20 AXS in Ancient Coins.

🥈 Premium Prizes – each worth 5 AXS in Ancient Coins.

🥉 Common Prizes – each worth 1 AXS in Ancient Coins.