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Brief Intro

Ronin is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 Blockchain forged for Gaming. The mission is to enable success for the top Web3 games and numerous other indie titles built by the community.

Axie Infinity, the top web3 game, is built on the Ronin Network with >$4B lifetime marketplace volumes, $1.4B in revenues, 2.7M in-game DAUs and >430K peak daily active onchain users. Other than Axie, notable teams include Pixels which experienced 200x User Growth since their migration to Ronin in Nov 2023, recently hitting >700K DAUs.

Ronin adopts a Curated Strategy to work with a focused set of high quality game studios rather than spreading bets widely. Games developing on Ronin are invested by Sky Mavis and supported by the internal publishing team from community building, solutions engineering to go-to-market. Tech & Infra-wise, studios are supported by ecosystem of products built by Sky Mavis that is hyper targeted at the gaming use case and user experience. Every part is integrated tightly to offer game developers and gamers the best and curated experience.

Massive community engagement wth over 2.5M followers on Twitter, >700k Discord members (top 6th in the world), 340k substack subscribers, >2500 creators.

Created by Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity and backed by top investors like Accel, a16z, Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Paradigm, Libertus, Mark Cuban.




Sky Mavis - Ronin Pitch Deck:



Community Threads

  1. Major Milestones

    1. DPOS/RON Staking + 5 Game Studios announcement (Driving 10k Signups to Games, Apr 2023)
      2. A perfect launch of DPOS upgrade in April with over $100M+ staked. Staking APR is between 20-30%.
    2. CyberKongz Genkai Mint ($1.4M in 1 hour, Jul2023)
    3. Pixels, Polygon’s Top Game by DAU, migrating to Ronin
      2. 8k to 50k DAUs after Migration
    4. Ronin Dev Update (2023Q3)
    5. The Ronin Effect (2024Q4) - 10x-ed growth, over 1.2M MAUs achieved.
    6. 2024 - Year in Review
    7. 2024Q1 - RON Binance Listing; Added to Coinbase Assets roadmap
    8. 2024Q1 Feb - $PIXEL on Binance Launchpool - hitting over 1.2B Day 1 volume and >2B token FDV
    9. 2024Q1 Mar - Apeiron APRS Community Sale on Ronin launchpad ($2.6M in various rounds, sold within seconds and minutes)
      2. Over $75M in RON tokens staked for allocation:
    10. 2024Q1 Mar - 340k Kaidro free mints, 100k new wallets
    11. $RON is listed on Coinbase
    12. Successful $1.8M mint for Kaidro Spark Suit NFTs (10k at $180 per NFT)
    13. 2nd most used Layer 1 blockchain in the world at 1.2M Daily Active Addresses
    14. Ronin zkEVM announcement, leveraging modified version of Polygon CDK to build L2s on Ronin
    15. State of Ronin Q2 2024
  2. Research posts

    1. Research on Ronin Ecosystem Apr 7 2023 -

      1. 29 Mar 2024 Thesis Update:
    2. Ronin Ecosystem Analysis by Ancient8 Research

    3. Why Jason Choi thinks $RON will make a comeback in 2023 -

    4. What it means to work with Sky Mavis and Ronin -

    5. Delphi Digital on upcoming Gaming blockchains -

    6. Coingecko GameFi Levels Up report -

    7. Footprint Ronin Analysis -

    8. Delphi Report (paid) -

      The Year Ahead for Gaming 2024 - Delphi Digital.pdf

    9. Return of Ronin by Bankless -

    10. ROK Capital Thesis

    11. Ouroboros Research Thesis

    12. Older Articles (<2023)

      3. Arca's valuation model-
  3. Repository of Ecosystem Projects (Games, dApps, Infra and Tools)

  4. Notable blog posts

    1. Solving the Blockchain Trilemma
    2. Security
    3. Decentralization
    4. Scalability (zkEVMs)
  5. Tokenomics

    2. Name: Ronin; Ticker: RON, Layer-1 native Token.
    3. Fair Launched on Katana DEX LP farming, no private sale was conducted.
    4. Circulating Supply = Total Supply 1B - 4 Original Wallets - RON DPOS staking contract - Katana DEX LP reward contract
    5. this blogpost was written to educate on the difference between unlocked vs circulation, using Apr 27 "unlock" as an example.
    6. 2 main sources of RON emissions
      1. DPOS Staking rewards
      2. Katana DEX liquidity mining
    7. Utility
      1. Gas payment for blockspace
      2. Staking for Network Security in Delegated Proof of Stake consensus
      3. Used as the main liquidity pair for any tokens launched on Ronin Network, creating larger sink effects on supply
      4. Governance to direct treasury fees from Katana DEX, Mavis Market, Ronin Name Service, Mavis Store and other future products
      5. Staked for access to launchpad and any form of primary sales by 3rd party game developers
      6. Used in DeFi as RON will be the most liquid token onchain (e.g Metalend is a money market that integrates RON)
  6. Branding Kit

  7. Public Analytics Dashboards

  8. Sky Mavis